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EverLED LED Tube Lights

EverLED TR LED Tube Lights

EverLED TR LED Tube Lights 10 yr warranty

EverLED VE LED Tube Lights

EverLED VE LED Tube Lights 5 yr warranty

EverLED LED Tube Lights save an average of $400 each

Farmway chooses EverLED LED Tube Lights

Skip Metayer of Farm-Way, Vermont’s “greenest” outdoor gear retailer explains why he made the switch to EverLED LED Tube Lights.

EverLED LED Tube Lights: the Safer and Greener Way to Illuminate

Introducing the EverLED™, the first commercially available LED Tube lights utilizing clean, safe, and long lasting LED technology. The EverLED’s amazing patent-pending driver technology is compatible with all standard fluorescent ballasts, eliminating the need for costly rewiring of obsolete systems – making EverLED LED tube lights the only true drop-in LED tube lights.

Award Winning LED Tube Lights and More

In a rapidly emerging industry that’s literally transforming the way we light the world, LEDdynamics™ has consistently been recognized for its imagination, innovation, and engineering excellence. Our breakthrough EverLED LED tube lights have earned Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New” and EC&M’s “Product of the Year” awards – and it’s just one example of our unique combination of research, development, and quality domestic manufacturing capabilities. LEDdynamics creates the LED systems and technologies that are making a brighter, greener, more efficient world.