I have seen many kinds of LED tube lights; what’s the difference?

As with most technologies, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is easy to find LED Tube Lights which seem very affordable compared to others, however, you do get what you pay for. Most of the LED Tube Lights on the market today are being imported from Asia. These products use “no name” brand LEDs and the cheapest components and manufacturing processes possible. As a result they are prone to failure (up to 50%!), color shift, light loss, and a variety of other problems.

The EverLED TR series LED Tube Lights are manufactured to highest possible standards of quality, right here in the USA. Each and every component is designed to last, and only the most trusted, efficient, and proven brands of LEDs are used. Not a single EverLED TR series LED Tube Lights leaves the factory without undergoing rigorous quality control testing, and with a 5-year track record of commitment to our Zero Failures policy, it shows!

It is a classic example of “penny wise, pound foolish”. If you have decided to invest in upgrading your facility to the latest in LED lighting technology, why would you risk total project failure in order to save a dollar? As our Chief Technology Officer Dr. William McGrath is fond of saying; “Do you want it cheap, or do you want it to work?”