LED Tube Lights

EverLED-TR LED Tube Lights

EverLED-TR LED tube lights10 Year Warranty

The EverLED-TR series are ballast compatible LED lights replacement. The EverLED LED Tube Lights replace standard T8, T10, T12 fluorescent tubes without having to bypass the ballast or rewire the fixture. Installation is just as simple as changing a tube. More info ….

EverLED-VE LED Tube Lights

EverLED-VE LED tube lights5 Year Warranty

The EverLED-VE features the same robust quality of the TR LED Tube Lights at a lower cost. The VE is available in 2 CCTs and can be purchased factory direct! Bigger savings means a greater return on investment for your project. This ballast compatible product is also manufactured in the USA and qualifies for government procurement projects.  More info ….


The LVL.2 is a linear low voltage under cabinet solid state lighting fixture. Fixture are available in 3 standard lengths and can be interconnected for lengths up to 8 feet. More info ….