Client Testimonials

Hospital In Alberta Canada

“Wow!!! All I can say is WOW!!!” – Jim Fontaine, Alberta Canada

Dubai Hotel

Dubai Hotel Lobby“I put 40 EverLED-TRs in the hotel lobby ceiling (30 feet high), and they work beautifully! We are saving 35% on electricity, and better yet, no more sending guys up on lifts to change dead fluorescent bulbs.” – Hans Guenther, …...

Andrew Penn

“I must tell you, I was skeptical that it would perform as advertised, but no longer! The TR works perfectly and is actually BRIGHTER than the fluorescent tubes I replaced. I’m recommending that our entire facility is changed over.” – …...

Jorge Chapa – Inhabitat

FX LED light fixtures in tunnel“…it’s great to see a product such as the EverLED-TR that brings all the advantages of traditional fluorescent lighting and integrates non-toxic, very sustainable LED technology.” – Jorge Chapa,

Steve Cristo

Office lighting using the EverLED LED replacement tube“Nice job – well made, timely delivery, and works even better than stated. I’m impressed.” – Steve Cristo, California


“I initially bought a cheap LED bulb and had to pay an electrician to remove the ballast. 3 months later the bulb stopped working and I had to pay him to put the ballast back in. I purchased the EverLED-TR …...