T8 EverGrōT8: Horticultural LED Tube Light

EverGrōT8™ is the first T8 offering from EverLED® and our new EverGrō series of LED tube lights for the horticultural market. It is a prime example of LEDdynamics’ capabilities to offer Custom LED Solutions in a variety of form factors.


This 4-ft. ballast compatible tube is a direct replacement for fluorescent tubes operating on T8 electronic ballasts and is available in both violet and white light spectrums. The EverGrōT8 is an ideal growth engine for leafy greens, seedlings, vegetative growth, and similar low Daily Light Integral horticultural applications.


Delivering over 2 µmole per watt, the EverGrōT8 can serve as both a primary and supplemental growth engine for commercial or hobbyist applications. With Made in America construction, and utilizing purpose built LED technology, the EverGrōT8 was designed and engineered to deliver the precise wavelengths of light needed to improve crop yields.


LEDdynamics brought the first direct drop-in fluorescent tube replacement to the commercial market ten years ago. Let us apply our LED driver expertise to guide you toward solutions for challenging LED lighting applications. Contact LEDdynamics for more information.

LEDdynamics EverGrōT8 LED Tube lights

EverLED EverGrōT8 Horticultural LED Tube Light (Fixture not included)

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