T8 EverLED-TR: LED Tube Lights

LED tube replacement product

Plug and Play
Ballast Compatible
Energy Efficient
10 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

EverLED LED Light Tubes Overview

Introducing the EverLED TR™, the first commercially available LED Tube Lights. The EverLED TR’s amazing patent-pending driver technology is compatible with all standard fluorescent ballasts, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming rewiring.

Upgrading your failure prone, environmentally hazardous fluorescent lighting system to clean, efficient, and long lasting LED Tube Lights is now as easy as replacing the bulb!


Green for your pocket and the environment


The EverLED-TR™ LED Tube Lights are compatible with any existing standard fluorescent fixtures.


EverLED-TR is compatible with the widest range of ballast types, including T-12 magnetic. Since 2008, the TR has been the choice of discerning clients for reliability-critical applications. Virtually all tubes are still in use with no measurable loss of lumen output, and no color shifting. The EverLED-TR carries a 10 Year Warranty – the longest in the industry.

EverLED-VE tube replacementMade in USA
Product Specifications
Form & Fit 4 foot T8, G13 bi-pin base, ballast compatible
Color CCT 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K standard
Other CCTs available upon request
ANSI CCT Color Chart
Construction Aluminum extrusion, shatter-proof lens, surface mount LEDs, ROHS, no mercury (Hg), no lead (Pb), no phosphor powder.
Manufacturing United States of America
Power Input 20 watts nominal (including ballast) per tube
Life 10 years
Warranty 10 years
Recycle Factory recycling program
Price Call For Pricing
Domestic Ordering – Manufacturer Direct
ET8S48830 (3000K) Call For Pricing
(Formerly E25T8-48-C3)
ET8S48840 (4000K) Call For Pricing
(Formerly E25T8-48-C4)
ET8S48750 (5000K) Call For Pricing
(Formerly E25T8-48-C5)
International Ordering – Authorized Global Distributors
United States: LED Supply

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EverLED-TR Instruction Manual


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EverLED-TR Info Sheet


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Government Procurement Qualifying Statement