LEED Green Building Qualified Products

Tube replacementProjects involving LEED certification can benefit from the EverLED in several areas including and not limited to the following:

  • LEED v3 weighed more toward energy efficiency. The EverLED TR will
    minimize energy consumption and maximize possible points.
  • The EverLED TR contains no mercury or toxic substances such as lead or
    phosphor powders. Eliminate mercury content from waste stream.
  • Convert consumables to durable goods. May also benefit from tax savings.
  • Retrofit existing ballasted fixtures. Gain points for material reuse and salvage of parts.

The EverLED-TR can be applied for qualifying points in the following applications:

  • Existing Buildings – Operations and maintenance
  • New Construction and Major Renovations
  • Commercial Interiors
  • Core & Shell Development
  • Schools
  • Healthcare and Retail

Download the LEED qualification sheet from the link below and consult with your LEED accredited professional to see how the EverLED-TR can be used to enhance your project’s qualifying points.

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